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Welfare and health promotion

Welfare and health promotion

The Finnish Ministry of Social Affairs and Health supports the welfare of people in Finland via social and health services and by ensuring income security.

In addition, the MSAH promotes people's health and welfare by:

  • increasing and maintaining their social welfare , security and participation in society, and by reducing poverty and social exclusion.
  • using health promotion to support health and functional capacity by encouraging healthy lifestyles, reducing substance use, preventing disease and reducing health gaps.
  • using prevention work to promote an understanding of preventive initiatives, identify diseases and social problems as early as possible and instigate support measures in response, and to prevent harm from substance use.
  • safeguarding a healthy living environment and safe work environment occupational safety and health.

Municipalities' key responsibility in welfare promotion

Welfare promotion requires diverse cooperation within municipalities and groups of municipalities, and with the state, church parishes, NGOs and the private sector.

Social and health care in Finland is planned as a collaborative entity. Using systematic follow-up measures and national data systems, preventive activity and early intervention can be correctly targeted.