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Verkkouutinen 07.03.2012 13:16

07.03.2012 13:16

07.03.2012 13:16

Nordic family centre competence now available also in English

The Nordic countries have a lot in common when it comes to child and family policies as well as a long tradition of cooperation in the field. Nordic families are facing similar future challenges. Therefore, the Nordic countries are seeking versatile solutions to support parenting. One of the proposed solutions is the family centre.

The family centre brings together services that promote the wellbeing and health of children and families as well as early support services and third sector actors. It is a low-threshold centre that combines peer support and expertise. The publication Family centre - a meeting point for children and families presents Nordic competence on family centres. It is a part of the development activities of the Nordic Council of Ministers.

The publication provides an overall picture of the development of family centres in the Nordic countries, describes key theme areas in family centre activities, presents good practices, and outlines common future development needs and prospects. There has been interest for the Nordic family centres also elsewhere in Europe. The publication, therefore, provides an opening for international debate on family centres. Its purpose is to spur cooperation widely.

Further information

Riitta Viitala, Head of Development, MSAH, tel. +358 9 160 74345,
Marjatta Kekkonen, Project Manager, THL, tel. +358 20 610 7401,