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Pharmaceuticals Pricing Board
Notices 2012

Prices of pharmaceutical products with valid marketing authorisations

These files are in Excel-form and include reasonable wholesale prices, wholesale prices at pharmacies and retail prices (with and without VAT) of all pharmaceutical products that have valid marketing authorisation and are reimbursed in Finland. The files are updated in the beginning of each month.

January 1st (January 3rd 2012) (xls, 562 kB)
February 1st (Ferruary 1st 2012) (xls, 553 kB)
March 1st (March 2nd 2012) (xls, 523 kB)
April 1st (April 3rd 2012) (xls, 562 kB)

May 1st (May 3 rd 2012).(xls, 1415 kB)
June 1st (June 8th 2012), (.xls 1236 kB)
July 1 st (July 4 th 2012), (.xls 1422 kB)
August 1 st ( August 6 th 2012), (.xls 1432 kB)
September 1 st (September 5 th2012), (.xls 1431 kB)
October 1st (October 5th 2012) (xls 1290 kB)
November 1st (November 6th 2012) (xls 1353 kB)
December 1st (December 10th 2012) (xls 1413 kB)