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Gender equality

Gender equality has long been a core value in Finland. It is enshrined in the Constitution and, more specifically, in the Act on Equality between Women and Men (Equality Act).

The MSAH plays a key role in promoting gender equality by

  • preparing legislation
  • monitoring the situation of gender equality nationwide
  • coordinating the development of activities on gender equality
  • promoting the implementation of the objectives of the government's equality policy.

The main themes of Finnish gender equality promotion are

  • gender mainstreaming
  • equality in working life
  • equal pay
  • equality in training
  • women and decision-making
  • the reconciliation of work and family life
  • preventing violence against women
  • men and equality.

The principles of equality in Finland also encompass equality regardless of age, origin, language, religious belief, or health. The MSAH is responsible for implementing equality in workplaces via the network of occupational safety and health inspectorates. Overall, equality matters in Finland are the remit of the Ministry of the Interior.

Every four years the MSAH and Statistics Finland publish the Equality Barometer, which reports on the state of gender equality in the country and the gendered division of work and power relations in different areas of life.

For further information see MSAH`s publication

Promoting gender equality in Finland (MSAH`s equality brochures 2008:1)